Welcome to Amazonia Elementary School!



Amazonia Elementary School is one of the four elementary schools in the Savannah R-III School District.  Amazonia Elementary School is located in Amazonia, Missouri and serves approximately 93 students in grades K-5.  Our school provides a full range of programs designed to meet the individual needs of students.

The teaching staff at Amazonia Elementary School are highly qualified educators who continue to grow professionally through valuable professional development activities provided by the school district throughout the year, as well as membership in professional organizations and other opportunities.  Our teachers gain greater expertise as we strive to provide our students with an enriched and rigorous education to maximize the potential of all our students. We are dedicated to providing the students at Amazonia Elementary an educational experience enriched by a safe, nurturing, caring and trusting environment.

Amazonia Elementary School encourages families to participate in their child’s learning.  As a smaller school, we are able to create a family atmosphere in our building.This strong atmosphere builds strong bonds and relationships between students, staff, parents and community members allowing a partnership of learning in our school community.  Families may be active in our school by volunteering, tutoring, membership in P.T.O., reading newsletters, viewing the web page, parent/teacher conferences, communication in student planners, attend Reading Adventure Nights and multiple other opportunities. The students, parents, families, teachers and staff of our learning community must work together to ensure that ALL students experience growth as they LEARN, SUCCEED and ACHIEVE!

It is a privilege and an honor to be a part of the Amazonia Elementary School family.  Serving the school community as a principal is a challenging yet rewarding responsibility. Each day holds new opportunities to guide, teach, listen, learn and smile. Each day is unique, with fresh ideas and opportunities. 

As principal, I maintain an open-door policy in the office. It is important to me that students, parents and teachers feel they have access to the principal. I am also available by phone and email. My contact information is available on our website.  Thank you for being a valuable member of the Amazonia Elementary School Learning Community. I look forward to working closely with you as your child grows, achieves, and succeeds at Amazonia Elementary School.

Amazonia Elementary Principal
Mrs. Aimee Addington
E-Mail: aaddington@savannahr3.com
"Savage Pride"